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IceFire Studios was founded for one goal: To develop and provide a multilingual solution for SharePoint 2003. PointFire was the result of that goal and since then we have developed, released and supported PointFire 2003, PointFire 2007, PointFire 2010 and now PointFire 2013 for each respective version of SharePoint Microsoft released. Our vast list of clients and partners is a testament to our dedication to delivering an enterprise content management solution to fulfill the multilingual needs of todays governments and multinational organizations.

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Keep your users working instead of navigating around your site and checking for updates. HyperPart is a WebPart that when put on a SharePoint 2010 page will look like a list view or XSLT webpart, but is updated in real time, no need to refresh the page.

This refresh is so fast that it typically will appear in the Hyperpart before the author of the change has seen it appear on their own screen after leaving the editing page.

If an item is added, updated or deleted within the list that is the basis for the HyperPart, then it gets reflected in the HyperPart asynchronously using server push mechanism.

The best way to see how HyperPart is right for you is to download a free trial or contact us to schedule a demo!

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