IceFire Studios

Multilingual Content Collaboration in SharePoint from the Worlds Leading Provider

IceFire Studios was founded for one goal: To develop and provide a multilingual solution for SharePoint. PointFire was the result of that goal and since then we have developed, released and supported PointFire 2003, PointFire 2007, PointFire 2010, PointFire 2013 and now PointFire 2016 for each respective version of SharePoint Microsoft released. Our vast list of clients and partners is a testament to our dedication to delivering an enterprise content management solution to fulfill the multilingual needs of todays governments and multinational organizations.

PointFire 365

The first cloud native edition of our world leading multilingual collaboration solution is available for SharePoint in Office 365 cloud deployments.

You can download a trial version from our site, or contact us to schedule a demo!

Features & Tools

More than 500 successful customers tell the story best. Here are just a few.

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