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IceFire Studios was founded for one goal: To develop and provide a multilingual solution for SharePoint 2003. PointFire was the result of that goal and since then we have developed, released and supported PointFire 2003, PointFire 2007, PointFire 2010 and now PointFire 2013 for each respective version of SharePoint Microsoft released. Our vast list of clients and partners is a testament to our dedication to delivering an enterprise content management solution to fulfill the multilingual needs of todays governments and multinational organizations.

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The latest enterprise multilingual content management solution from IceFire is here. Translation management is a task performed by nearly all large organizations; Tradsman makes this task far easier with SharePoint content and documents.

Whenever a new document or item is added to a participating list or library and is marked as needing translation, TradsMan will send a copy of it to a special library, called the Translation Control Library, where the document or item and any translatable metadata are prepared for translation. This can be automated, so that there are fixed rules for things like approval, deadlines, or financial codes, or it can await approval before the package is sent.

If a connector module like the TradsMan ClayTablet connector is installed, the package is then routed to the translators. This translator is typically a professional but could also be a machine. The connector module will also retrieve completed translations

TradsMan for PointFire will accept completed translation jobs in a special library called the Translation Return Library and after the translation is approved, or right away if approval is automatic, it will put those translations in the right place in the SharePoint lists and libraries, with the correct metadata values. If the settings allow full automation, items that are added to participating lists or libraries will be sent to translators without further intervention beyond the checkbox saying that translation is needed, and the translated versions will appear as soon as translation is completed.

The best way to see how TradsMan is right for you is to download a fee trial or contact us to schedule a demo!

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