IceFire Studios

Why IceFire?

IceFire's goal is to facilitate multilingual collaboration in SharePoint. Pure and simple.

Since our inception in 2004 we've been the premier provider of multilingual solutions for SharePoint. 9 years later we are still the worlds leading developer of multilingual SharePoint solutions. With over 500 clients worldwide, IceFire offers stability and reliability for our partners and clients.

IceFire Studios was founded for one goal: To develop and provide a multilingual solution for SharePoint 2003. PointFire was the result of that goal and since then we have developed, released and supported PointFire 2003, PointFire 2007, PointFire 2010 and now PointFire 2013 for each respective version of SharePoint Microsoft released. Our vast list of clients and partners is a testament to our dedication to delivering an enterprise content management solution to fulfill the multilingual needs of todays governments and multinational organizations.

For SharePoint 2010, we introduced 3 new products to further aid our clients with collaboration in a multilingual workforce.

Our SharePoint experts are ready and able to deliver support, training and consulting for any of your SharePoint needs. Contact us today to get help with anything you need!

We at IceFire believe in dedication to our products and our clients, and I am no exception. If you ever want to discuss our products or services, you can contact me directly anytime.


Ken Morency
President & CEO
IceFire Studios Corp.
+1 (613) 826 0747 ext. 6
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